In the Pyre

In the Pyre.


The Good Woman

The Good Woman

An Indian Princess

She walked among millions, in no way one in a million

Her fair countenance flawed but not dithered

Her mind speaks through her heart’s rhythm

Befallen is she in a dream convinced, its fabrication to redeem

But reality ought not to redeem a dream ever so sweet

The brazen sun leaves her seeing the red spots

Yet every time she gazes at sun enchanted and caught

Never had she been so determined to smile as her skin burnt

She stands under the open sky and warm sun

A soft breeze malevolently touched her cheeks

She wrapped her arms around, with a thought in mind

Solace is fair and just, solace creeps under nerve-filled mirth

Her skin feel stretched she wants to crawl out of her bones

Yet destiny plays, it has something else in stored

When a good woman cries, her tear can leave entire world torn

When a good…

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The Mausoleum of Thoughts

An Indian Princess

In the paradigm of life everything is placed in order

The mechanism of which advises you to move forward

Any uncertain delays leaves heart pumping fast

A tear of rage bullies mind and shuns the warning cast

Hapless sit wringing hands waited to be interviewed

Alike disection the conscience probe leaving you to stew

Sitting in front of looking  glass, finding faults where they exist not

Each day the Granfather clock ticks,spending in ease precious time

Heard he not from the grapevine, that its soul of sloth

Everyday creating a new possibility trading reality in cost

Closest memory is a vain attempt to dream

Closeted fears floats the boat in irrational stream

Seemingly on every moment thesis is  formed

Gradual with maybe’s “And I belong but ..where?” question stalks

Complex webs the neverves forms inside the skin

Speaking a language, stuttering the good deeds and sin

Aftermath, is where the…

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Life is filled with inspiration. Everything around is there to inspire us and our actions, such as motivation from desperation, dedication, depression, disaster , divinity, dreadfulness, disgust, decision made by us or decision made for us by others. Even the every single darn particle around us hold some sought of inspiration. Let say for a scientist a organism under his microscope holds the mystery of universe that s/he want to solve but if s/he shows it to an artistic friend of his/her it may inspire the friend to think that life is beautiful because under the microscope that organism looks beautiful and blooming. So whatever the way you look at things, whatever may attract you to them (their outer beauty or hidden mystery) every single thing we see is an inspiration. And it does not matter if we fall, rise or remain grounded, what matter is how we let our self be inspired from situations. Do we give up the fight or do we relish this feeling that drive and inspire us. Many artist have created paintings, poetry or fine work of literature channeled through their emotion and scientist like Einstein were driven and inspired by what they see that a naked eye of you and I couldn’t see. If they weren’t driven by the need to be inspired and inspired my friend we wouldn’t have Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Edgar Allan Poe wouldn’t have written The Raven or be macabre of mystery and without them world would have been sane and drab place to live in.

So if your emotion seems to consume you then you should rather be the one to consume it as the muse to your work. As I know it’s not easy to let go but it’s easier to use it, to achieve greatness.

Things I Believe (Life Happens)

For a long time I believed in lots of thing like a silly child. Though given the fact I was naïve and a child, some of it, I think can be forgiven. The things I believed in weren’t great or harmful in any sense. I believed in Santa Claus and thought Christmas was magical time. One word: Foolish. Santa is depicted different in different cultures and wasn’t a fun loving figure until long time and anyways Christmas wasn’t supposed to be celebrated in cold December. Secondly, I believed in miracles even hoped for one until recent times. Two words: utterly foolish. I believed the Almighty is one, a divine figure. Well, I still believe in power of universe so in a way still not totally cynical in that front. God Bless. Last I believed I was evil and need to diverse all my energy to be good obedient child. So, whenever I thought I was being too naughty, I stopped. Whenever I started raising my voice, I stopped. Whenever I was told not to do something, I stopped.

And while through chakra of life I tried to redeem myself but of what? Being human or to act more humane. To be honest I don’t know and I hope will never figure it out. Just one thing is for sure this divine light might be out there but the theory it will guide me through tough times is nothing but a false statement. In life every being is guided themselves, through their actions or reactions and despite the gilded words, reality is a lot different and less poetic. You have to earn or you’ll be beggar. You have to be cunning so not to be connived. You have to learn the balance of grey or you’ll fall.

These past few years have been like a boat ride in sated waters as waves form a rhythm, never to forget the symphony. The view had been good but the company had been really bad. It wasn’t expected to be this… I mean stability is good while routine the absolute best. But evolution happens. Change happens. And so does war happens. No matter how accepting mind is of your habits but at one point it turns on you turning into your worst arch nemesis destroying everything you built.

So where does it all end…Which is the new beginning and will those waves destroy you and the boat or you will finally reach to the shore. Nothing is probable than unexpected and nothing is improbable than stability. Yet I’m sitting in the boat alone in solitude moving further into the water with no definitive answer that I’ll come out unharmed or unhinged.  solitary

Indexed this worry for later right now I have one more guilt trip.

Raise me like a daughter

Raise me not as a son

But like a daughter that I am

Pay me with no tribute of freedom

Until you can watch me free like I can

Give me no penny to buy the world

Till I can earn it with my own hands

I’ll take no field or jewels in dowry

Nurture my spirit and mind

So I’m not indebted to a stranger to be kind

 Part with me in no pain

I’m no shadow

Be my confidante without prejudice

Don’t ask my secrets to be mellow

My flesh cannot be sold

My virtue shall be mine

 Let it not be someone’s pawn

Raise me not as a son

But like a daughter that I am

Let me have zing and sass

Pride me with the way I am born

Not the way you can hide me

In loose shirts and pants

If I have wings encased on my shoulder

Don’t be scared if I fly a bit bolder

I urge you not to ask me to sacrifice

Because my culture asks me to

I am a girl, I’ll be a woman

I will build my principles

Don’t barter on my rights

Raise me like a daughter

Be part of my grand plan

I can smile the way better

The way I am